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Here we go....

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

For years I have been crafting. From handmade cards, to etching glass - I've done it all. I love crafting! Just ask my kids, it keeps me sane in a crazy world. I'm constantly working on something new. Most of the time I would make something and if it came out really nice, I would make ten more. So, I ended up with some happy family and friends who I would gift the items to.

After MANY years of people telling me I need to sell my crafts, I took the plunge and started at a handful of holiday craft fairs each year. That has gotten bigger and bigger. The most common request I have had is, "do you have a website?" Well...now, I do!

So here we go. I will keep you posted on when I will be at fairs and what is new on my Etsy site. If you are looking for something that I displayed at a fair, just let me know.

Thanks for checking out the blog!


Old Wethersfield Arts and Crafts Fair - September 2018

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